Wisdom; how is it showing up these days as we venture through our awakening?

Connie Cord, author of Message From Love; A Journey of a Lifetime

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Connie Cord, author of Message From Love; A Journey of a Lifetime; Breaking Free From Religion’s Box to explore wisdom moments that come knocking on our soul.

How are you walking through your awakening these days? Are you stumbling, getting stuck in the muck, finding you know less each day or feeling the spinning of the energy around you?

Are you asking yourself ‘where is this stuff coming from’ and ‘am I on the wrong road’?

It is now time for the seekers, forerunners, and lightworkers to start helping others with our stories and journey’s over the last decade. Our wisdom and faith have kept us going and we are willing to share with anyone who asks, how to navigate this path.

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