Autumn the season of memories, reflection and transition

Autumn is the season of memories, reflection and transition

Autumn is the season of memories, reflection and transition in both nature and the sunset of our lives.

Each year, we join nature in ending cycles such as flowering plants, trees, and food harvesting while in preparation for a resting or ending season of winter.

As the seasons change, we too, start to recall our precious life long memories and try to recapture the moment in time, to feel deeply the emotional tie it holds in our body and thoughts.

Fall is the time of reminiscing and holding on to that which makes us human and vulnerable.

We smell the autumn leaves, if only from a scented candle or in our dreams, and feel the cool crisp breezes, if only from a fan or open window.

As the seasons move on, so do we, with a hope of resting and reflection that creates a sense of belonging in this world. A legacy of earth long residence and scars of stories that etched every part of our being. Harboring light and dark, secrets and sharing, pain and joy, struggling and giving up, we continue to march on each day with the promise of a new sun rising.

While we bid farewell to our favorite flowers and foods growing fresh around us, we have all been down this road before and promise each other, til we meet again. For just as sure as the energy of nature transitions and transforms, so do we, as soul beings, remember our eternal make up, the soul of the universe, that is forever more.

Our family and friends, in disease and death, scramble fervently, to capture another holiday or gathering of all the memories they have created, to walk one more time, in that blissful feeling. To make things right, to fix the story or to give penance to the moment is time, is the goal at life ending seasons of our lives.

Be with your loved ones, see this moment in time in nature and be kind to everyone you pass, as they too, are in the season of transition and reflection. While your story may seem to be ok or joyous, others may be walking on nails and escaping pot shot with every breath. It is not for anyone to fix it, wish them well or send them light and prayers of solace.

Close your eyes, breathe and give the greatest gift of all time to nature and others, peace.

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