Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light – Summer Reading

author Sally Gallot-Reeves

The next great read is from Sally Gallot-Reeves, author of Behind the Open Door: The Book of Light.  If you have a knowing of being intuitive, psychic, or a child who just seemed to get into all kinds of trouble by sensing what was going on around, you more than those in real human form, this book is for you! The character is a child who has spiritual, paranormal, or psychic experiences (you choose the label), and how she shares with her family what she is seeing, hearing, and engaging with.  Yep, you guessed it!  Trouble is on the way for the little girl as no one believes her, questions everything she says and does, and at times, labels her! No matter your age, from teens to elders, and you have had at least one experience in your lifetime or have loved ones who has, this book is excellent in dancing with the energies that are always around us to navigate our today moments.

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