The shifting of the New World is now & tips to navigate the new energies

April Michelle Lewis Author

Afterlife, near death experience and integrating heaven on earth; are you ready for this shift?

The world has changed, can you feel it?
The world is evolving, can you let go of the past?
The world is ready for us to create, are you ready to participate?

The shift to a New World is now and we are all feeling that something has changed, even if we do not know what or have the words to define our emotions or feelings yet.How do we become the spiritual being that our humanness is so craving? Can we walk the path of awareness, opening and expanded consciousness to be able to say, ‘this too is going to be the next phase of our new life’?

Letting go: If you feel like the world turned upside down; our pockets are now turning inside out to let go of all the stuff we believed or held on to and all is being excavated. Whew, doesn’t it feel good to lighten up?

Holding on: Many people are having new experiences of near death or sensing spirits or souls that have passed over and they are becoming scared at their thoughts. Is this normal or are we losing our minds?

Explore fear: How does fear and control come up to hold you back into your comfortable space? Are you willing to welcome the fear in and explore what it really is? What control does it have on you?

New science: Can you bring the sense of the visitations of souls, the journey to the afterlife, and the human experience we are having together to make sense of an expanded consciousness today?

Healing anew: When you are ready, be open to receiving God’s love as it is healing all that you are and can be in this world.

The shift? This is the process! How to perceive the world with different eyes; taking in the energy of the moment after an experience with spirit, afterlife, and challenges of thoughts or beliefs.

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