Bible Commentary with Sirak James

Exodus: God Remembers by sirak james

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sirak James, author of Exodus: God Remembers, to share his commentary on listening to God while reading the Bible.

The Bible; the stories of God, the stories of ancient lands, and the stories of a long time ago are shared within.

How have these stories set up our world, our beliefs, our truths, and the way in which we navigate the world today?

Do you clamor to find a sense of God when you hit the wall, need God to fix something you have broken or at death? Do your fears have you seeking a source of help from another place and time?

Sirak has read the Bible and after every verse he read; he wrote a commentary as it related to life at this time. The writings are a channeling of the energy of the words that came through as the creator has source them to be for him to relate to us. It is to share what came to him, so others could read and create their own story of their life.

If you are struggling and the Bible is a challenge at this time or not what you are seeking, this book can help guide you to the comfort or support you are seeking.

The book is available on Amazon.

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