Walking with God after Stroke with Ms. Kim Blackwell

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Ms.Kim Blackwell, author of My Walk with God Continues: Life after Stroke, to share her inspirational walk with God as she recovered from her stroke.

Can we step into the door when God calls regardless of how it shows up? What is your mission in life?

What’s going to happen when our heart breaks, our body shakes and shimmies, and everything changes in our world, and we no longer even recognize ourselves?

We are not sure what tomorrow will bring nor do we even know how to get there. That is the time when we put our trust in God, and it is the only thing that is going to get us from one breath to another.

As we age, we have life stories that can be shared to help guide others in their time of changes with no support or people who can say ‘I have been there, may I share my story’?

God has many journeys for you and each pothole is just that; a time to recover, a time to rest, and a time to reset.

Is our God journey to get things or gifts that will answer our prayers or perhaps the gift is to accept the engagement God is sending you to help and answer someone else’s prayers? is this not the ultimate journey of unconditional love that is available to everyone if they open their eyes and see the glory in the story?

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