How do you know when you are on the ‘advanced spiritual path’?

Looking for your mission or purpose?

What is the spiritual journey and where is your path going? Do you reach a pinnacle point and finally you have made it? Do you get a badge then?

We have heard so many words in the recent past and now it is spirit, soul, vibration, energy and vital force; now it is time to put the words together.  How does one word follow another and create a new way of being?

Where do we go after we ‘transform’ and ascend? This is a great question among many in the ‘awakening’ communities and for the number of questions you can get just as many varied answers.  Everyone seems to have a guide, a person, an inner voice or someone or something that they connect to which gives them answers.

Perhaps the biggest question is ‘What is the answer we are seeking’? Did that stop you in your tracks? It should!

What if we could become aware of our thoughts, our bodies, our life and the world around us is changing; that would be a given, right?

What if we could keep asking questions and the questions create a new context for observing the world through different eyes; that would work too, right?

What if the answers we are seeking do not exist? What now?

The spiritual journey is a context that takes us around a loop and that loop is called the Human Existence. All the reframing, the transforming, and the creating that we do and hope to leap out of the old, is still within the same human loop, it is the human perspective.

Now, next step. What if the journey that we are having, the questions and answers, the hits and misses and creating are just that; exercises to help us release the past, become a little lighter, forgive and love, and maybe, just maybe, become better humans with an expanded soul awareness of the higher vibration we may dance with; what would that look like?

That my friend is the advanced spiritual journey; yes?

I recently had a very engaging conversation with Robert Lomax of England and we took this concept apart and put it back together. What are we seeing with our unique eyes is the key of this moment in time. Sharing our stories and experiences is the meat of the process. Allowing all to exist at the same time is the place of this multidimensional existence.

Are you ready? Do you dance? Share your stories and thoughts with us!

If you are stuck or have no clue what we are talking about here, listen to the show here and perhaps something may start to open up your thoughts and you will seek more.

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There is no right or wrong way to do anything and you have not missed the soul train! Open eyes and breathe, all is well!


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