Brain issues with children or adults? Try ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside’

Children and adults have a large potential to access every brain cell available and the book ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside‘ co author  Tanya Mitchell of LearningRx has the steps to achieve this without drugs.  Do you have a child who is a supreme challenge to learn, comprehend, retain information or even focus for more than a minute?  LearningRx is for you.  As an adult, if you are seeing a decline in cognitive function, the tips and processes can help you retain function to the best it can be.

My guest on my radio show, Tanya Mitchell, co author of ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside‘ and Vice President of Research and Development of LearningRx discussed with us the tips for how to turn on a brain and bring it to optimum functioning without drugs.  So many children are on ADHD drugs these days and it may seem easier than taking the hard road of working with the kids to create tasks and goals for them that allow the brain to develop faster connections.  Results are very quick with the LearningRx program and they are long-lasting.  While a child will need many sessions to keep things moving along, it is by far better than taking medications that have significant side effects.  Training the brain with the program is guaranteed results, really.  What do you have to lose?  You have a lifetime open to all the world and all it holds by trying the program.  Who knows, everyone in the family may learn something to help them too.

The LearningRx program is about increasing the synaptic connections between the brain cells.  While many others may say they just are smarter, perhaps they can function at a different level due to rapid brain firing and learning.  If you increase this process, smartness and education goals will follow.

I would encourage anyone with child who is struggling or wishes to learn easier to read the book first, ‘Unlocking the Einstein Inside:  Applying New Brain Science To Wake Up The Smart In Your Child‘.  Then visit the website of LearningRx and find out more about the program.  You can check the website to find locations in your area since this is across the country.  Make a stand for your child and help them develop their brain to achieve goals that you both never thought possible without medications, LearningRx is the answer.

About Jeanette Gallagher
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