Creating a holiday season of light and hope while celebrating with traditions of past ancestral traditions

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Tom Jerman, author of Santa Claus Worldwide: A History of St. Nicholas and Other Midwinter Gift-Bringers, to explore how we celebrate the holiday season.

The holidays are just that, a day, but we can celebrate the season of light, hope, harvest, and darkness just as our ancestors did if we can see what the real purpose was to celebrate without all the marketing.

Throughout history, we see times of great despair, challenges, and hardship that still hold the essence of what the winter season brings to the human soul. After such difficulties of life, people would start to celebrate and come together to heal and prosper as a society and culture.

Have we just come through such a darkness, have we felt many endings in our lives and lives lost, can we have hope and find light in our broken hearts and soul?

Enjoy the stories of Santa Claus, foods of harvest and sharing, and gifts of supporting each other with the joy of the season in this book that takes us back to the countries of our ancestral lineage. Explore the joy and feel the wonderment the people had then and create it anew in our present day and time.

We can find the meaning of love, kindness, and joy in our presence and giving rather than in presents or unfulfilled promises.

It is a time to let go of pain and suffering, to release all the old hurts and struggles, and find a way to touch your heart, even if only a glimpse of light can you find in a candle.

May you find peace in your heart, a light in the darkness, and a kind soul to engage with over the season.

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We are here for you and we bless your presence on this earth.

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