Comet, Asteroid, and the Second Coming of Jesus; is it upon us now?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes David Heeren, author of The High Sign, to explore the earth changes over eons from creation to potential destruction.

There is a change of the earth coming, are you seeing the signs and feeling the symptoms of such a cosmic shift? Something is coming and we can see all the destruction, chaos, and mayhem that precedes change.

It is not about being scared, running to protect self and property, or screaming in fear from the rafters. It is about being in observance of how we are living as compassionate humans, helping others, and navigating the world to be a better place to spend our days.

This show is sharing the historical significance of the Second Coming of Jesus and navigating the path to getting there through the book of Isaiah. There are over 200 points of evidence that state a potential for a comet to initiate this monumental shift in the cosmos.

What if it is an asteroid? What if it is a comet? What if we never see anything in our human lifetime? What if, what if, what if?

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