Drunk Log: your drinking is taking you through regrets, suicide, and a life review

Drunk Log by Mark E. Scott

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mark E. Scott, author of Drunk Log: A Novel Path to Suicide, to explore the character in his novel that uses alcohol to drive what he experiences in his life.

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Are you screaming to be saved, wishing someone could reach inside and pull out your pain, or is your regrets suitcase bursting at the seams? Perhaps alcohol is the driver of your life; it takes you to places you have never been before, its smell is enticing to bring you further into a stupor, and it may also take you to walk the bridge and sway to see what power really is all about.

This novel is a perfect segway to speak to teens or those who are having an issue with alcohol but refuse to see themselves differently than what their mind projects. A novel can offer the reader to follow along a journey and see themselves in the pages of the chapters as they unfold.

What are you willing to see, deny, or push away until you too, are standing on the bridge? Who will save you, will they come in time, and will they forgive you for being the person you have been for years? What if the only person there is to save you is yourself? Can you scream loud enough for anyone to hear?

The Drunk Log is a written process to chart your drinking habits, places, drinks, thoughts, dreams, regrets and people you interact with. If you cannot write your own, perhaps a loved one will be your ride along and be the writer for you, documenting the way in which you are unfolding in your life of making alcohol the only savior you can find.

If there is ever any question that you are drinking too much, don’t wait for an event to stop you in your tracks, get help now. Ask for help.

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