Time to wake up to your Psychic Abilities!

psychic abilities by Karen Frazier

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Karen Frazier, author of The Ultimate Guide to Psychic Abilities, to share how to open up psychic abilities if you are ready become aware.

Listen to the show:

Senses, knowing, abilities, intuition, gifts, psychic abilities; what are we opening up to, are we sensing different things, are we finally recognizing energy healing and our bodies are energy organisms?

What is the label you are starting to explore that defines what you are feeling these days?

The Clairs, astral travel, multidimensional engagement, past life knowing, and navigating your world today; how do you engage with it, how do you find others that know something about it and how do you have a conversation that is meaningful?

Are you willing to be open to a new way of thinking and being in this world?

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