Eclipse Thoughts

eclipse photo taken by Dr. Jeanette Gallagher
Feeling the anticipation of the eclipse, preparing for the moment in time, and putting things in alignment to perfect the photo op in your memory is a process of many today.
Perhaps many are being drawn to something unique, profound, and important in a lifetime. The power of the unknown, the confirmation of past events repeating in time, and the need to feel safe on earth is becoming increasingly forefront on people’s bucket lists.
Is this event meant to slow us down and come together in silence?
Might we seek control and safety in the unfolding of events we feel prepared for?
Have we lost the magic and wonderment from a universe that is constantly evolving in uncharted waters?
What if all patterns, dogma, and evidence based events went off the grid to allow the unknown to flourish?
What if we are watching darkness from afar to see what it does and how much power it has to change us all?
Is darkness and enemy or an ally?
Perhaps consider our engagement in the events of today and how we unfold our thoughts going forward.
Ready for something new?