Exploring God, Religion and Spirituality through the Ages with Lynne Renoir

God Interrogated Reinterpreting the Divine by Lynn Renoir

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lynne Renoir, author of God Interrogated – Reinterpreting the Divine, to explore God and religions throughout history.

How did we get here? Who is the ultimate life being or force that brought us into this world?

Can we see that perhaps our beliefs, morals, and truths are now shifting from what was held dear as the rule in past decades and centuries before? Are we finding the old stories might no longer work in our perception of life today?

Is the word God bringing up emotions or resistance that has been handed down from generations within a family structure and you are expected to do what had been handed to you to follow in growing up?

What if everything you know, isn’t? Are you open to explore your life experience?

Even if everyone has a different point of view and follows different truths, perhaps what we are all seeking is the greater acceptance of all?

As we are seekers, we are now unraveling the beliefs so dearly held and allowing new ways of being a loving human being to enter our hearts and soul.

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