Finding your soul calling through inspiration with Dr. Cara Barker

Nightlight: Soul Calling, Body Listening by Dr. Cara Barker phd

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Cara Barker, author of Nightlight: Soul Calling, Body Listening, Heart Speaking, to share how to expand our heart and soul within the life challenges of today.

Our soul journey through the path of grief, loss, and changes in our life has opened up the road towards expanding the question ‘who are we’. Why is this question so evasive and difficult to answer? Are we coming from the mind and thinking what to say or coming from the heart and there are no words to say?

How is our soul and spirit guiding us in each and every moment?

Are you finding yourself lost and in the abyss with no guidance or direction to see the next step? Did your ego and identity fly away never to be found? What next? Time to find out what you are made of and who you are as the expanded human being of this decade.

Find nourishment for the soul to open the door that your spirit seeks with inspirational words through this show and connecting with Dr. J and Dr. Barker.

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