Forming a sacred connection with nature through Oracle cards with Holly Wilmeth

Holly Wilmeth Sacred Nature Oracle Cards

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Holly Wilmeth, creator of Sacred Nature Oracle Cards, to share her inspiration on connecting with nature on a deeper level for peace and healing.

As Dr. Jeanette shares, ‘can we take the messages from nature, expand on what their stories are and learn what the emotion, feeling and deeper connection that nature may be showing us or that we might be feeling inside? This is the true essence of why we are here on the earth, to find those pearls, and string them together, can we do that…’.

We need a bigger bag of tools to engage with nature on a deeper level and oracle cards are a great start!

How are we going to see what a tree is all about, perhaps the flowers, and maybe the complete nature kingdom, if we do not become seekers?

A tree breathes, a flower bends and grows to the sun, water flows and nourishes all of life, and herbs are the medicine we seek if we are open to these new conversations.

What are the messages of nature and how can they support where we are struggling in our own life if we open the connection in grand wonderment and awe?

“Nature will bring you along the dance in the ethers, to have grace, ease, peace and gentleness if you allow the dance to happen, create!” Dr. Jeanette

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