Disease diagnosis an opportunity to know the body, mind & spirit through with Dr. Katrina Cox

The Opportunity in Cancer Dr. Katrina Cox

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Katrina Cox, author of The Opportunity in Cancer, to discuss the body, mind, spirit connection to disease and dysfunction of the body.

The process for a patient after a diagnosis or experiencing health symptoms is a very scary time and the options available to them to improve their health may seem limited. So what then? How do you improve your health? Who do you ask for help? What do you really need? How do you assess what your life needs may be?

“Fix me time is over, what is your journey now” asks Dr. Jeanette.

Our journey to a disease, a diagnosis, a symptom and a pathway that shuts our life down has touched everyone’s life. What is the process of our experience to be well, to improve our health, and to be able to choose to stay on this earth? What are the therapies and treatments that allow us another day, another breath?

“A diagnosis, now what? It is a door and an opportunity to evaluate who and what you are about, are you ready to face the possibilities” Dr. Jeanette and Dr. Cox share?

When emotions, grief, pain and suffering drown out the heart speaking, how do you know what to do to take care of self? Where are you going? How did you get here? What are the choices going forward?

It is about being active in body, mind and spirit to walk a new journey through the life that you presently have.

Looking for a companion to walk the journey with you? Ask for support!

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