Gratitude, Grace, Resiliency, Earth Chaos and Energy Shifts: Thanksgiving 2021

a-new-now by Michael Goddart

Taking the Pulse on Today’s Energies: Thanksgiving 2021.

Today, my guest and co-host Michael Goddart, author of A New Now.

We are reflecting on our evolving beliefs about gratitude and thankfulness after many challenging experiences over the last few years. How are we engaging in grace, honor and unconditional love?

Are we finding we are challenged to become a better human? Are we ready for the task and honor in service going forward?

Take the holiday time this year to engage with others, share your deepest heartfelt thoughts, and bring healing to the table. Regardless of how they may have hurt you in the past or not shown up for you in this lifetime as you had wished.

The year 2022 will be a great healing of all if we choose to participate and bring forth the wave of energy needed, unconditionally.

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