Healing early life traumas that are now arising in later life through soul work

little karen and the Egyptian princess

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Karen Schultz, author of Little Karen and The Egyptian Priestess: How My Higher Self Healed My Childhood, to share her journey through devastating events to be the woman she is today.

How do we get over the hurdles, traumas, and sinkholes of life? What if we repress the emotions or deny the experience we had in early childhood? Are you an adult in later life and now feeling like you can bust open to release all your pains and hurts that were secrets of the past?

Who is your guide or support system to help you heal with compassion, love, and understanding?

“It is not about who you are, it is what you have traversed through in time” , says Dr. Jeanette, that is necessary to start your journey of self exploration and healing. To see the experiences for what they were, experiences, is the first step.

Can you find the ancestral link that your soul has journeyed from? What ancient times have you traversed? Perhaps you are having an awareness of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Greece and a story line starts to play out in your dreams or meditation time. These times are important to reflect on for the process of soul fragment restoration and knowing you are an eternal soul in a short lifetime.

Are you ready to release the old stories and difficulties that have held you back or stopped you in your tracks? Healing is but a breath away if you choose to open the window and let your heart breathe. You are safe and it is going to be ok, take a moment to reach out and find a guide to support your journey.

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