How to find medical answers to unexplained diseases of the body & mind with Dr. Susan Trachman

Susan-B-Trachman-M-D-Board-Certified-Psychiatrist-Author-SpeakerDr. Susan B. Trachman MD

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Susan Trachman, MD, to share how she explores the mind-body connections in face of many unexplained diseases.

Many people suffer greatly their whole lives with symptoms of body and mind, but seek treatment and diagnoses that do not get to the root cause of what ails them. Can you find answers with a 15 minute physician appointment and random testing for something that you cannot describe or put your finger on about what is wrong with you? If you can’t explain all your symptoms or pains that fit into the medical records intake sheet, then what do you do with the rest of your life story?

What happened to you in your life, when did you start to sense something was wrong, and what did you do about your illness since the first time it showed up; these are important questions that can have a litany of answers and story attached to them. Is there anyone to listen to what is deep inside that is making you ill?

Dr. Trachman is exploring the body web of health and finding the path that lead you to becoming very ill as you present today. She brings together and into focus; the biology, the psychology, and the sociology, to find what has been disordering bodily functions.

Unless you address the entire terrain of the world in which the person exists, what is in your body, your field, and your environment, you will constantly be trigger illness and symptoms long term.

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