Covert Childhood Abuse and Healing a Life with Marylee Martin

An Unsuspecting Child: Coming to Grips with Covert Childhood Abuse

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Marylee Martin, author of An Unsuspecting Child: Coming to Grips with Covert Childhood Abuse, to share her memoir of healing from a traumatic childhood.

How did we grow up and what is the story that we are attached to? How did we come into this world and what is the book of dogma with this ancestral lineage that we seem to have engaged in and intertwined in? We are part of the tapestry of ancestors over eons!

What are the stories and experiences of guilt, shame and violence being held inside of you over your lifetime? Are you responsible for carrying the pain of the elders and then continuing it on in your life as if it is the legacy of your family?

When is enough, enough? When can we stand up and stop the trauma of the past from playing a part in lives going forward? Can you be a ‘bridge worker’ in this lifetime in 2022? A bridge worker is someone in a family who does a life review in retrospect, honors the past, heals the present and creates a new story of identity going forward. Is this you? Do you know how to start?

Dr. Jeanette and Marylee share their stories of decades in life with trauma and how to bring up past pain, sit with the feelings, release the struggle of holding old secrets and erase the tether line that keeps generations bound together in grief.

We are now clearing beyond the ME TOO Movement as elders and this will allow the younger generations to create a new world free of guilt, shame, and perpetrators.

Time to speak up and share the stories of the past and release them to the ethers so they have no more control over the present day.

For more information on Marylee Martin, google search her name for social media and book distribution venues.

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