Incarceration, addiction, and violence changes our children with Lorri Britt

My Heart Behind Bars: A Mother's Journey of Grief Incarceration Love and Forgiveness by orri Britt

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lorri Britt, author of My Heart Behind Bars: A Mother’s Journey of Grief, Incarceration, Love and Forgiveness to share the story of her family.

The calvary is not coming, there is no saving anyone, there is no fix that can be bought, and you cannot stop the life story of anyone, not your kids nor yourself. So, what is this hell that is reigning down on you?

What happens when the world we are handed at birth does not play out as we planned and things go so far off the rail, we hardly know our children, family members or ourselves?

Are you hanging over the edge, hiding in shame or guilt, or perhaps afraid to get help from anyone because you would have to share the stories of violence, jail, addiction, crimes, and danger that is occuring within your four walls?

What does a mother feel, hold on to, or try to fix for her children? What does a child do when their crimes are now in the adult realm and a mother can no longer help?

When your world explodes and you are totally broken, what next?

If you need support or someone to hear your story and walk with you through the fire, Dr. Jeanette and Lorri are available but you need to ask for help.

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