In loss of a child, seeing the gift with Clay Romero

The Child by Clay Romero

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Clay Romero, author of The Child, to share his loss through poems for a life lost.

Clay writes poems to his child that left this world way too soon. His deep connection through his heart to this spirit is what has helped him grow in his life to accept change, seek love, and help others through the challenges of losing a loved one.

A child is a gift from God, a heart felt connection of body and soul, and treasured for as long as there are memories in our minds and heart.

What would it feel like to walk your child to school, to have a hurt in life, and to become a beautiful human being? What does it feel like to not have a child for these milestones and can you communicate your deep love of these moments in time into words of a love letter?

If you are gifted with a loved one and they have left too soon, consider writing a love letter through life’s milestones and share your deepest pain and joy in the words on the page. Then, healing is the connection your loved one can bring to you through this interaction. Be open and love deeply.

For more information on Clay’s work, search his book on Amazon.

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