Our hearts have been diseased, crushed, broken and alone, but what is the heart soul journey?


Dr. Jeanette welcomes Lee McCormick, author of The Heart Reconnection Guidebook, to explore the heart energy in all its aspects of giving life.

The heart that beats in your chest, the one that feels its always breaking, the one that you need to make whole, the heart that keeps you in this existence; does it have a mind of its own, is it repeating history, creating new timelines, reaching out and seeking to bloom?

What is the heart seeking? Who are we and what are we doing here? What keeps us navigating through emotions, feelings, heart strings and life experiences?

The heart is the anchor place of the soul. Can we explore how the heart energy creates the choices we make, the people we engage with and the health of our spirit in this existence?

How healthy is your Soul Heart?

Listen to the Show:

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