Traversing the End of Life through despair and enlightenment to the afterlife; what do we fear?

On Wings of Hope book

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Cynthia Bischoff, author of On Wings of Hope: Leading Lily Home, to explore the fears, beliefs, and challenges at End of Life.

What happens when death of a loved one is sudden or a disease takes your breath away; are you stopped in your tracks? Do you rush to prepare and put things in order or struggle with all the chaos of missed opportunities to say your peace?

“We are all walking souls home, walking through life, and helping others in the transition from life to the afterlife” shares Dr. Jeanette.

What is the fear about life and it’s ending that has you tied up in knots and not allowing you to be present and living right to the end? If we are all seeking a deep love and connection with others, why are we waiting until our death bed to find it, accept it, receive it, and expand to share it? What is holding us back? Perhaps we wish to carry our sorrow and despair into the next lifetime as the burden we wish to not put upon another living loved one.

Dr. Jeanette and Cynthia shares stories of helping souls in these difficult times of life and how to provide unconditional love and support for yourself and others no matter the circumstances.

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