How did we get into this mess in healthcare and what exactly IS the mess we are in?

Is healthcare defined by your last experience to your Dr. or hospital? Is it what you read about on social media where those who are unhappy scream about their experience and you take up the charge to make the words be heard even more? What exactly is healthcare? Is it a business? Is it a product? Or perhaps, we have all been wrong, it is the Dr. Welby scenario that goes round and round in our heads and every time … Read More

What does it mean ‘to be made whole again’?

Check out this photo.  What do you see?  What is hidden?  Scroll to the bottom for the answer. What does it mean ‘to be made whole again’? In the face of disease, destruction, divorce or death can you ever be made whole again?  Many people say these life experiences change them forever; they take away all that is loved and important and also the concept of breaking your heart or spirit.  Can you be broken?  Can you be whole again? … Read More

Questioning Caretaking?

If you have a history with a family member and you are needed to be their caretaker, can you do it?  Some say they feel they can take care of people they don’t know much easier than a family member.  Why? When you take care of those you do not know are you giving them the best of you?  Are you being disconnected to the need for their connection and human care? When we care for those we loved or … Read More