What does it mean ‘to be made whole again’?

what does it mean to you

what does it mean to youCheck out this photo.  What do you see?  What is hidden?  Scroll to the bottom for the answer.

What does it mean ‘to be made whole again’?

In the face of disease, destruction, divorce or death can you ever be made whole again?  Many people say these life experiences change them forever; they take away all that is loved and important and also the concept of breaking your heart or spirit.  Can you be broken?  Can you be whole again?

In the face of disease, we are feeling not well and seek help from a healthcare professional to ‘fix us and cure the disease’.  We demand, put everything we have into it and run from one to another if we do not get the help and answers that we are seeking.  What is it that we are seeking?  Being free from something that gives us fear is what we are seeking.  What is not known, what cannot be controlled by your usual actions and what can take your life is a fear like no other.  The world has billions of dollars spent every year just on keeping this fear alive and giving you all kinds of products and services to uphold the belief ‘you are not in control and we can fix it’.  Is this the machine that runs your life?

Is disease really fixed?  Cured?  Healed?  Where does it come from?  In history, there were many words written for professionals to do all possible to heal the patient from that which the patient is reporting is broken.  Caution was waving the red flag and saying under no circumstances will the patient be told that their illness is their responsibility and under no circumstances shall the physician talk about anything other than what is taught in the academia.  So, how or what are you healing?

You can heal your body, mind and spirit.  The body can be healed by foods, loving support and people around you, letting go of the baggage and resentment you have carried for life, and realize you are a whole, loving caring person who loves and is self-love.

When you have a death in the family you may feel that they took your heart with them.  But you do have your heart inside you and you can bring it back to life as there is so much more living to do.

The earth has had many destructive forces from wind, water and fire over the last few decades.  The attachments to success, physical locations with memories and personal belongings can be wiped away in an instant.  But you are not broken, you have been given a clean slate to dream again another dream, to be free to fly where ever you wish to land anew and to change your beliefs that may have or not been working up to that time in your life.  Insurance policies tell you they have you covered yet they forget ‘even water goes through cupped hands’.

Divorce can seem like a cutting of the chord or a lifelong violent battering of people that refuse to let go.  What are they really fighting about?  Letting go is something in their thoughts and mind and the mind can be changed if you let it.  No one has control over you and no one can control you unless you allow them.  In the past several decades this concept is probably one of the hardest to accept.  We see things play out, interact in the process and react with what our emotions tell us to do.

So can you be whole again?  You never were broken, you just had your external experiences challenged, taken away or extinguished.  But they were just that; external experiences.  You still are an eternal soul, a spiritual being and still breathing in life.

Today, as you open your eyes, change the experience you wish to write for today.  Open your eyes and say, oh cool, I am still here.  Stand up and raise your hands to the sky and say I thank you to the being you pray to.  Breathe in the precious air all around you and be thankful for the body that keeps you on earth.  Then take a step towards creating a new day, new experience and new outlook for every second that ticks by.

You can do it; your body, mind and spirit are counting on you.  Keep it going and you are living, not just surviving.  It truly is an abundant life.

Answer:  Just above the horizon on the water, there is a large shelf cloud and a section of towering clouds forming.  While I was on the bridge in the sunshine, there was a significant thunderstorm with damaging rain just thirty miles away.  Did I worry about the rain and have fear, no.  Did I miss the storm, no.  Did I enjoy at seeing all the differences in the clouds and sky, yes.  For the little things the world is showing us, just look up and notice.

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