Tether lines can control our energy making us puppets!

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Mary Joye, author of Codependent Discovery and Recovery 2.0: A Holistic Approach to Healing and Freeing Yourself, to help us see what is controlling our lives or how we are controlling others.

Where are we today and what is pulling our strings? Do you feel pulled to act or react in a certain way and just wish you had a different choice? Do you feel like others are sucking the life out of you and you truly have no control to stop them?

How are we tethered; to the cosmos, our jobs, our relationships, our past lives, our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs and that which we claim as the ‘truth’?

Many tether these days to have a sense of community, family, loved ones or just a deep need for survival. How can we discover the pull on our energy and be in awareness of why it is there, what purpose?

Can we ‘uncouple’ and let go of the chains that seem to bind us?

What is a toxic relationship and how are they imprinting and navigating in the same place, like an overlay of our sense of self? Do we no longer know who we are?

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