A novel of the soul journey through the multidimensional experiences in life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Janis Harper, author of Jonas and the Mountain: A Metaphysical Love Story, to explore our life journey through the unknown stories we can create.

Our stories, in time, what is our lifetime all about; how can we take our soul journey, reflect it back as a character in a novel to be able to tell a story, so others are able to connect with concepts we are experiencing these days?

As our life has been evolving over the last several decades, we are saying, I need some answers, I don’t know what is going on, the world is changing, what is this all about, who am I, how are we getting along these days, what is the road and the path all about; these are all questions our mind, heart and soul have been asking of our conscience. Where can we find answers, tips, tools, and templates to make our life easier? Are their solutions to the human evolution process that is not riddled with holes to fall into or walls to hit? Why is life so hard these days?

Are you seeking a guru, a healer, a knower, to guide you in your quest to find the meaning of life?

What if you could step into the unknown, go on an adventure, or a dance in the cosmic ethers while reading words that create a vision of the potential just now opening up to us; would you leap at the chance?

This novel is just that experience, it awaits and develops with each page turned, while bringing the possibilities of creating a new human experience, one grand cosmic adventure at a time. What a way to learn about the soul journey with characters in a novel.

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