The power of clouds and the messages they hold

storm clouds

Today I was bummed out that I did not get some of the awesome clouds that came with the storms.  The grand and powerful shelf clouds that were sure to bring a drenching rain showed up just on que with rolling lightning to shudder the strongest of us. I did not see these clouds in person but I was in awe of them on social media.

What the heck, what am I doing? Am I saying that the clouds over my head were not notable or grand? Did I dismiss them as ordinary or pass them by for their counterparts who were being shared in social media? Where is my unconditional love, non judgement and acceptance of all as one when I needed it?

Perhaps each day when I take pictures of the clouds, as they call me from my living room; I will honor their presence, watch them dance across the sky and see what images they hold within.

Each and every cloud in the sky is a grand mystery and I am present to witness.

About Jeanette Gallagher
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