How Do Elders Touch My Heart and How We Need to Touch Theirs

Guest blog post by: Philip Regenie, founder and CEO of Zanthion, Inc. an elder care company.

Dr. Jeanette speaks with Philip on her radio show, listen here.

When I see a senior, I see etched in their face 80 years of trying their best to provide for their families and make the world a better place for all of us.  In each line there is a story where they overcame great odds to deliver on their commitment to their society.  Those lines, they represent a wave that pushes mankind into the future.  When we don’t see them or take actions to be thankful we lose the opportunity to be humble and recognize ourselves in that wave that constantly improves our futures.

I help seniors out of chairs, across the street, greet them with kindness, ask their names, shake their hands, and thank them whenever I have an opportunity.  I don’t do this to give myself a pat on the back at the end of the day.  I do it because it is the absolute minimum they deserve; to be recognized and respected for their efforts.  I live my life for that cause; to demonstrate that being thankful for their efforts and our children’s future is the greatest gift we give mankind.

Identify politics are the norm today.  The airwaves, the actual airwaves, are harbingers of a negative thankless future with statements like, “Trump is destroying America.” or “Taking care of the world’s immigrant population will bankrupt America.”  Is this really where we want to spend our time, talking about what is wrong with our politics?  Would we not be better served by wafting a simple thanks across a breakfast room, “Thank you Agnus for getting out and sharing your stories with me today.  Let me help you to your car.”  Which of these builds a better world; the denigration of those who are swinging the bat or the thanks we give those who have done it all their lives?

I leave that question for you to answer.  I know which one I have chosen.

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Zanthion ensures quality of life for seniors and their family with protective clothing and AI based understanding of their present and future health needs including fall prevention and detection and wandering notification and recovery.  Whether a senior is part of a larger community of living in a family home Zanthion delivers high quality notifications to the right people that either want to know what is happening or those who can do something to help.