Writing poems of life struggles can offer healing, forgiveness, and comfort

Jane Makovicka, author of With Every End There Is A New Beginning

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jane Makovicka, author of With Every End There Is A New Beginning, to share how life experiences can hide from our thoughts and deny the healing in this life we are seeking.

Time to express our true feelings on paper and see with our eyes the path we are on.

Has your life been so harsh and painful that the sooner you forget it the better? Are you storing up your emotions of grief and anger because you would not want anyone to see them? How hard are you pushing things down inside of you because you are ashamed or feel guilty of your life?

Dr. Jeanette and Jane share times of deep pain and hurt in their lives and how getting in touch with the secrets that you bury about how you really feel is the only way out of the space you are in.

When we are taken to our knees, that is a time to pray, a time to see the possibilities in life and to see in retrospect for the empathy and mercy you have given to yourself. You see, you are healing by just opening up your heart.

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