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Ready to Get Started? “I need to make changes but I don’t know where to start, help!” Click here to send a request for date and time to schedule a session.  All sessions are telephone consultations.  No internet services are available.  No taping of the session by either party.  No group sessions are available. Click here to pay for the session after you have secured a date and time. Dr. Jeanette is helping others to learn how to implement the … Read More

I need help and wish to talk

Dr. Jeanette can so understand when you have something going on in your life and others just do not want to hear it, do not understand it, want to fix it for you or just try to push you away.  It hurts!  It does not have to! She has had so many life experiences that there is nothing she is not willing to explore with you.  Her past five decades have touched on abuse, violence, addictions, loss, grief, sadness, pain, … Read More

Get Personal Help Now

Wellness of Body, Mind and Soul Guidance Services are available. As we seem to be having issues in life and just cannot seem to get a grip on what is really the source of all that is keeping you off kilter, how do you find balance?  Sometimes our physical health is spinning out of control and our thoughts seem to be in left field all while trying to live life each day with a full plate.  How long can we … Read More

Dr. Jeanette’s Books

Dr. Jeanette has written hundreds of thousands of pages in the last several years and just recently she has been working to put them into books and articles.  Some books are published on Amazon and others are gifts that you can download right now.  Enjoy! Trust: Photo Meditations on Amazon. This book is to help you center your thoughts each day if you have anxiety, grief, experiencing life challenges and just seem to have lost the path to living a great … Read More

Dr. Jeanette’s Blog

Dr. Jeanette will be posting a few times a week on timely topics of wellness, spirituality and living life in supercharged energies these days.  She will also be sharing her radio shows, featured guests, specials on books and products, along with photos to inspire. There will be thirty entries available to scan through and find what interests you as the range of topics are expansive, just the way Dr. Jeanette thinks and shares in her life. If you would like … Read More