Alan Davey shares insight into God, religion, dogma, and beliefs through Jesus’s words in Matthew’s Gospel

walking the line by Alan Davey

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Alan Davey as we begin a new Lenten season and the idea of ‘what is God’ is being discussed in many households after such loss and destruction of the last several years. Alan will be sharing his new book Walking the Line: Embracing the Imperatives of Jesus which explores contemporary issues of our day.

God is inviting us to live in a house of love, not fear, but how do we get there from here? If we have never know God or love, how can we recognize it in the first place when it comes knocking?

Have you given up religion and God because of the dogma that others, books, family, traditions, or beliefs does not seem to fit today’s world and you just don’t know what is real or truth anymore? Who is really in control of our lives, our breath, and our soul? Perhaps we do not want any control in our life and are on a quest to cut all ties to anything that tries to tell us what to do, how to be or what is real.

If we allow ourselves to become so hardened to the possibility of a new concept of existence, who will come by my side to support me and walk this journey with me, in spite of all the other naysayers that are out there?

What is the world we are trying to navigate and how can we explore what questions to start asking of our heart and soul; maybe that is the first place to start.

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