Elder finds healing from violence, abuse, addiction and trauma in early life

the many faces of a bully

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Grace Francis to share her life story from childhood to elder, that was spattered with violence, abuse, shame, guilt, pain, and addiction. She has authored her life story in her new book, The Many Faces of a Bully, Abuse, and Addiction: Before and After the Internet We Are Created for Healing and Restoration.

Is now the time to open the box of secrets of traumas and experiences that took away a childhood, innocence, dreams, safety, and survival? Is now the time to air them and heal from all the damage that was done decades ago? Why is this process necessary if we are to change our life, heal from the past, and forgive the experience? Can we see patterns repeating in generations and now stand up and say ‘no more’?

In the past, have the people who were entrusted with caring for you, making excuses about what may have happened to you or protecting their own vested interests in family or business? Perhaps, they too, were experiencing just what you were going through but had no tools to know any different.

How do you heal with kind words, a touch of the heart, or safety in this world, if you have never experienced such things? Would you recognize them if they came knocking or would you have fear or judgement while replaying the old stories you have as your identity?

You can heal, open the box of secrets safely, and find new tools to clear the old ghosts that have been haunting your life. Take a breath, thank God, find new friends, listen to podcasts, find guides, and have gratitude for the moment of time you are in. Smell the flowers, see the birds, and source gently healing patterns to replace the hurt old roads you have traveled.

You are worth it, you are enough, and there is a way to feel your heart whole again.

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