What is an awakening, how do I navigate my soul journey while still being human in this life of trauma and challenges?

My-Waterfall-of-Awakening sheila-van-zile

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Sheila VanZile to engage in a unique and enlightening conversation about the soul journey and awakening. What is ascension and awakening all about?

Are you tired of the old stories as a weight on your back that you are carrying, and how can you see your point on the path as a lightworker, starseed, intuitive, healers or wayshower? Are you perhaps just going through a transition and the name of the game has changed as we dance in the abyss of the unknown?

Once we have an awareness, feel into the space and time, release the words, imprints and judgements put on this existence; then we are truly on the moment of this path of awakening.

After a loss, can you see the rubble as a transformation into the pearls being gifted from the divine?

Sheila shares her stories and guidance in her new book My Waterfall of Awakening; How loss can bring you home to the life you want.

When your heart is broken, can you allow yourself to come vulnerable and open again to live a full new life?

Navigating our days is an opportunity to changes our thoughts, beliefs, and requirements by opening up a new conversation being birthed by visionaries and leaders in the spiritual communities, just as we have done here.

Listen to the Show:

For more information from Sheila visit: www.SheilaVanZile.com

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