Children’s Book about the moon to inspire, educate, and engage both the child and the reader

The Moon Thief

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Kristine Keck, to share and inspire children and elders about the moon! Kristine has authored The Moon Thief, which is a New Age Children’s Book, which is for all ages to see and explore the world with wonderment.

Have you ever looked up and noticed the moon is ever changing in shape, position, and brightness? Why does it change so much and how can we explore the moon in the sky?

Can an elder be inspired with the same story they read to a child?

What if we shared children’s books with elders, read to them, and started a conversation with them; how might that enrich their daily lives?

Can a story touch a heart of those who read the words and dream of the pictures shared?

Inspire and delight in the darkness of the moonbeams, dance in the shadows of the night, and drink in the energy of the moon; a wonderful experience to share with your loved ones.

Listen to the Show:

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