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From Darkness to Light

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Despo Pishiri from Dubai, to share her new book From Darkness To Light: Discover The Secret Of Who You Really Are, And Heal Your Body, Mind And Spirit. Today, we will be talking about how we are evolving, hitting walls in our human experience, and creating a whole new existence that has never been seen before in our human knowing.

What is our secret journey from darkness to light, human to soul, to finding the spirit within, the right to the wrong, the truth and the beliefs all about? How are you navigating the bigger questions of a human existence with a spiritual soul evolution?

We have been evolving and many have not even noticed the process, tossed their challenges off as what ever is going round, but many are finding some deep connections to something greater than our vocabulary or physical judgement can explain in terms of our mind knowing.

How does religion shift with the current circumstances in global conditions to morph the story being told from God, source, or cosmic essence and create something that people can hold on to within the frame work of faith, hope, fear, and dogma?

What is your awakening all about? This is not ‘who I am’, as we are so much bigger than this, as a soul with many lives and we only see our temporary personality at this time that allows us to be ‘in’ the world at this moment in time.

Dr. Jeanette and Despo share stories of the soul journey and existence of evolution in our present time.

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