Clearing the air in your home for the New Year!

Every year, we wait for New Year’s Day and start our cleaning out of things in our home. We search for new things to come into our lives with lifestyle changes and cleaning our closets. Have you noticed that by the end of January, the junk is back, good steps for change have drifted away and the wishes you were trying to put into practice flew right out the door? What happened?

Might we consider that everything holds energy; our bodies, our material things, our home, and everything around us. If that is the case, then clearing out items was certainly the first step but you forgot to clear their energy out!

Have you ever had a relative come over for the holidays and you just can’t wait until they leave? One minute out the door and you are washing the sheets, vacuuming the rugs and cleaning the bathroom. Once this is done, you sit down and feel like you have cleared everything out but then you start talking about the relative, as if they were still there! They are, their energy is still there!

Now what? Here are a few steps that can clear energy out of a home and keep it clear and open for new life to come in:

  • Open the windows and curtains for ten minutes a day, even if it is cold or hot outside, let the air exchange from inside to outside
  • Light white candles around the home a few times per week, not the smelling ones, just pure white candles
  • Burn your favorite tree or leaf smell once a week: birch branch, white sage leaves, pine sticks
  • Play some uplifting music while you are doing the items above to move the energy along, not with ear plugs, turn up the volume and dance in your space with the music

The candles bring the good energy in, the tree or leaf burning releases the dark energy, the open window allows the energy to go out of the home, and the music brings all the energy to attention to dance with the good vibes.

Cleansing your home is so much more than a vacuum and laundry; be sure to change the energy of each day. As you exchange the energy in your home, the old goes out and there is space for the new to come in.

Enjoy dancing with life energy! Once you start working with energy, you will be ready to start feeling the energy in your body. Watch for more posts on shifting energy of pain, sadness, grief and bring in healing.

If you need help in implementing energy clearing in your home, reach out for a session with Dr. Jeanette. Click here for more information and schedule a session.

About Jeanette Gallagher
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher is a 'medical intuitive' & ‘soul doctor’. She helps you find the miracles in life, guides you to self healing methods and offers therapeutic conversations to allow your soul to speak. Dr. Jeanette hosts a radio show "Wellness Radio with Dr. J" and is the author of "Seeking Soul Gems in Your Everyday Life" which is offered free of charge at