The difficult life you have been given is the road map to healing your soul with Rebeccah Silence

Coming Back to Life by Rebeccah Silence

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Rebeccah Silence, author of Coming Back to Life, to share new tools of navigating the healing and new path all lightworkers and intuitives walk today.

This decade has opened up the ability to share our stories and feel empowered as the path we have walked this lifetime no longer has a hold on our future choices.

Many have experiences that have taken us to our knees, felt like we sold our souls for, and had us crying in the night to a greater power to save us from the pain of body and mind that we experienced.

It was not a misstep, a wrong choice, nor a horribly blinded moment of time as we have been led to believe in our judgement of the past when we excavate our emotions and pains that bound us in this human form.

Today, we can share freely with those who have had similar experiences, and allow us to hold each others hands to walk a new path that only we can design. How freeing might that feel?

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