Dr. Milton Haber bringing research trials to support quality of life for his underserved community

a grand slam life Dr. Milton Haber

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Milton Haber, author of A Grand Slam Life, in which he shares his personal and professional life growth over the decades to finding his mission currently.

Do doctor’s get sick and almost die? Do they fight for their lives just like you do? Might they almost lose their life? What happens when Dr. is a patient in the middle of a pandemic and there are no special treatments to be found?

Dr. Haber had lots of time to reflect on his life, what made him the man he is today, and all the keys players along his journey. What he realized about his life, he is strong, he is very smart, and he can push through to find ways to help himself first, then to share that same experience with others.

Today, Dr. J and Dr. Milton spoke about how to care for people in a more expansive way, a better way, and the way in which we can no longer deny; a web of supporting the lives of all our patients with as many of their needs to health as possible.

We were not meant to just diagnose and treat the symptoms, or declare a remission and cure for all that ails our patients. What happens when most of the patients cannot afford to have these services or they are not accessible to them for a multitude of reasons? Are clinical trials just for the people who can check all the boxes and then be the best people to provide a positive outcome for the trial population?

What if we could offer research and clinical trials to everyone that may have a need, regardless of their race, culture, funds, location, etc.? What if we could support people to have a better quality of life, even if that meant only time or ease of symptoms? Would you take it? Would you provide it to all your patients?

What if we treated all patients, as self, might our hearts, minds, souls and pockets start to work together to help the person next to you with whatever they may need, right down to a meal or a blanket or a hug?

What if??

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For more information on Dr. Haber and his work visit: www.LagunaResearch.net and his Facebook page is Milton Haber.

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