Deanne Burch shares her memoir of surviving the Artic Circle in the 1960’s; A Soul Journey

Journey through fire & ice by Deanne Burch

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Deanne Burch, author of Journey Through Fire and Ice: Shattered Dreams Above the Arctic Circle, to share her story of engagement with a soul mate that took her to the ends of the earth.

In our elder years, how do we look back at our lives in retrospect and extract the hardships and pearls of joy? What is our life made out of and how different things were decades ago!

Deanne asked herself if she needed to be pushed to the extremes to see what her life was about, or perhaps if she can see that was her path and out the door she went, following her husband and soul mate. She was unsure of where she had been, what she had done, or what it was all about, but now feels it is time to share her life story with all the details the mind and heart can give.

She went to the Arctic Circle with her new husband and endured conditions that were so foreign to her, that survival was essential on a daily basis, rather than living a grand life of a newlywed. The culture of the people, the environment extremes, and the lack of human conditions as she knew them were so difficult for her gentle heart but she took the vows of marriage and did what she was told by her husband. As her time in the Arctic, life and death visited her and her husband Tiger, and the path to grow and survive to live another day, Deanne had all her dreams shattered.

Was she to find her soul? Can she see the growth of her being living in such hard conditions? Did she regret her life and the choices she made?

Today, Deanne shared her story as a memoir, after her husband has passed on. He did not want the story to be written, but she did write it and here she is talking about her life. What a grand story of a life well lived!

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