Love, marriage and partnerships; how can you make them work when the initial romance wears off?

The Go Giver Marriage

Dr. Jeanette welcomes John David Mann and Ana Gabriel Mann, authors of The Go Giver Marriage, to share how to create a life long relationship with a partner.

The concept of love, what is it all about? The concept of marriage, is it a joy, a puzzle, a game or a challenge with life hardships?

How can you communicate with your loved one on an intimate, trusting and compassionate level while also being truthful about your hurts, traumas, and needs?

What is a broken heart?

What is lasting love and do you need to create a relationship that others are expecting of you or can you explore and engage in a growing life process that supports each other over the decades of life?

What do you want in life, what makes you tick, and how do you co habitat with another person in happiness and joy?

Is a loving and joyful life possible these days?

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