Empath Activation Cards: Time to charge up the new energy available to you

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Stephanie Red Feather to share her new Empath Activation Cards; Discover Your Cosmic Purpose with us. Time to readjust, tune up, and evolve with the energies of this moment in time.

What is an Empath all about, what is our world all about, what is the expansion of this human being or this cloak we are carrying as our soul is emanating forward? Our energy is sparking through the cracks and we are starting to become more than that which past several decades have taught us to be. New empaths are emerging every day and we need a few more tools to help guide us along this path.

What is your world intimately trying to tell you? We are not seeking answers or templates to tell us what to do but rather feel into the energy to empower and strengthen our field to take us to the next level of existence.

The higher the vibration to become the conscious multidimensional being is where we are currently and the need to ground is even great to maintain a presence in this lifetime. How are you fairing each day?

When the bridge of life is no longer there and you find yourself in the abyss, how do you navigate?

Listen to the show:

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