Have your life experiences and trauma kept you stuck with imprints that are hard to release?

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Patricia Love, author of Seen and [UN]Heard, to explore the choices, path and traumas of our life that impacts our every breath.

What is our voice and can we allow it to bellow with all our emotions?

How are we looking back at our life; romanticizing the view, finding faults, living with regrets or shame and guilt?

How can we heal our soul and human essence? The human essence is what is engaging in this experience and does it feel good to my heart and my senses? Am I part of life’s story?

We can look at the past and say ‘here I am today’ and what would I like to change today, knowing that I am ok today. I am able to speak my own truth and love myself in all moments.

What is that which cannot be heard, felt or touched; what is the vacant space or little flower that needs to be nourished and brought forth?

Do we need to find completion and peace with our life before it is time to transition to the next life?

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