Exploring Life’s Keys – one garage sale at a time

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Dr. Marni Foderaro, author of God Came To My Garage Sale, to share a story of the keys of life that God sends if we are willing to see. What are the messages he is sending?

The story is a spiritual fiction work that takes us on a journey of every item in a garage sale; how the stories that are imprinted in them, bring us to explore the deepest of our hearts and soul. The characters that visit the Garage Sale are messengers with important God keys that can allow us to see things differently in retrospect.

Your life was a great journey of challenges, love, pain, sorrow and joy; one step at a time. How glorious is that?

We hold on to material items over decades of life as the memories they hold seem to create our identity and journeys. What happens when it is time to let go? Can we?

Listen to the show:

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