Finding a balance in life with all the chaos and spinning of life events

Happy Reloaded by Jennifer Yu

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Jennifer Yu, author of Happy – Reloaded to discuss how to find our balance in a life that is constantly on spin in the chaos and challenges of living each day.

How can we rebalance our daily life when so much seems to be in total chaos these days? Life is constantly changing which is the first step to recognize because this will help us to relax into the concept that, this too, will pass.

We seek to find happiness and want to have things back to normal but if we can find a moment of happiness in our state of mind, might it influence our actions no matter what gets thrown at us?

What is the world we constantly exist in and maybe we walk around constantly disappointed with it’s presentation? How can we go on each day?

Time to shift our perception, find peace in our hearts and soul and make a conscious decision to be happy.

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