What is an Angel Reader?

Ann Albers Angel Reader

By Ann Albers

An Angel Reader is a person who has developed the ability to quiet their mind and perceive the energies and messages of the angels and other beings in the non-physical realms

Everyone can learn to communicate with angels. We are all born with natural psychic radar.  Some retain these abilities throughout their lives – hearing, seeing, or feeling spirits from early childhood. Others reclaim their intuition later, either through a life-altering experience or through their own willingness to practice and develop their intuitive gifts.

Angels are extremely respectful of our journey here upon the earth, and honor free will without exception. They never tell us what to do, but rather guide us along the kindest path towards the dreams we have desired or prayed for.  They don’t make choices for us – they make loving suggestions.  They can give predictions but often prefer to help us focus our attention on the present moment so we can feel the power and Presence of the Source within us, and learn to create our lives more consciously.

Most angel readers remain tuned in to the angelic realms throughout their daily lives. Angels communicate in a variety of ways – thoughts, feelings, visions, dreams, heat, tingles, and for some, even voices heard as if someone is standing next to you. Some angel readers see angels with their regular vision. More “see” with the inner eye. Some see angels as they are classically portrayed. Others see energy, patterns of light, orbs, or simply feel the presence of their angels.

Being an angel reader is like having a group of wise and loving friends available at all times to guide and assist you – friends who will also hold you accountable and help you become the most loving, authentic, and empowered person you can be!

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