Guest Post from Summer Bacon on what is a trans medium

The Cellars and Ceilings of Summer Bacon

By Summer Bacon, Trance Medium for the spirit Dr. Peebles

What is a trance medium? It is someone who, by going into deep trance, is willing and vulnerable enough to surrender to another spirit control of the body. Yes, it is a kind of possession, but rather than being possessed by something fearful, it is about allowing oneself to be possessed by the love of God. It takes deep faith and trust in God, and a great passion to know God’s love more intimately. A trance medium must be willing to release the blocks of fear, expectations, and a need to control anything, and surrender everything to God’s will in their life.

In my case, I was suicidal, and didn’t want to go there. I had a fierce yearning to know, without question, that God’s love was real and constant. I had to put God’s love before everything, and so I did, asking in prayer that God’s will be done in my life. The unexpected result was that I awakened in the middle of the night only to discover that I was looking through someone else’s eyes; literally.

I felt myself slowly returning to my body through the back of my head, and as I did, I realized that someone else was there with me. I wasn’t frightened, just confused, and more than a bit curious about what was happening to me. As my eyes began to focus, I was surprised to find that my body was sitting up in bed, and my mouth was moving, forming words, but I wasn’t doing it. I could feel that it was a benevolent being, and could hear the words, “Hello! How are you? God bless you!” spoken over and over again.

A trance medium is someone who has the courage to release the need to control the world from the outside in, and instead labors in love to develop a relationship with the wonders that God has waiting for all of us, if we would just go inside and listen to that still, small voice within.

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Summer Bacon is the author of The Cellars and Ceilings of Summer. She has been a trance medium for Dr. Peebles 1994 until present.

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