How religion and paranormal can go together with Richard D. Lewis

Richard D. Lewis - The Paranormal Christian: More True Stories of the Strange and Unusual in the Christian Life

Dr. Jeanette welcomes Richard D. Lewis, author of The Paranormal Christian: More True Stories of the Strange and Unusual in the Christian Life (Book II: The Quickening) to explore paranormal and religion connections while dancing within the human story.

Beings, ET’s, humans, supernatural; what goes bump in the dark and what is flying over head are on the minds of seeking humans on a journey of life retrospect.

Are we limited by our mind, our consciousness, our beliefs and the stories we hold as truth for eons? In 2023, are we now exploring an opening of possibilities that no longer fit the reasons or validation process from the past. Can we allow ourselves to be free and open to allow other energies and thoughts to come to us and manifest in our world?

What is source energy that we come from? What is guiding us through life as we evolve?

What is Richard’s experience with a spiritual being and how did it shape his life journey?

God is not bound by our rules and dogma, he is for all people and he will reveal himslef to all regardless of the human strige one may be in. It is not about exclusion, but rather, inclusion.

Blending science, religion, philosophy, mysticism, and real-life encounters, author and journalist Richard D. Lewis digs deeper into the unknown, providing a guide to correlate mysterious phenomena.

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